2012 : The statements.

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time.  I've had some personal defeats to work through and between that and trying to start a new life in a new city,  its left little time to blog!
I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and new year all the same!
I thought I'd put together three fashion ideas that made a huge impact in 2012
as far as my wardrobe goes!  I'd love to hear three key items that made your year too. :)

3. Crosses

I can't atually believe that this is all the items I can cook up after a year full of crosses!
I'll admit, I could have drowned myself in cross necklaces at some point in 2012, but as always ( much like everyone) I lost nearly all of them.
Have you ever seen more of a hipster symbol?  Naahhh....
2000 and 12 was definately the year of the Hipster. Ahem.

2. Studs

There was actually a point where I would stick studs on literaly everything.
I'm sure you will agree if you live in the UK.  Even River Island provided us with easy stick on studs you could attach to anything! So yes, big studs, small studs, all kinds of studs everywhere please.
I'm actually surprised the trend has lasted so long.
I wonder when studs will become old news?
Wearing my spike heels.

1. Sweaters

I'm sure you're hardly surprised. If you've followed me for enough time, you'll know how obsessed I can be with knitwear and sweaters. This picture isn't even a snippet of what my sweater collecetion is actually like! I LOOOOVE JUMPERS :_)
I could cry. I could actually cry.
It's the only reason why I want winter to stay!
This is one of my favourites. Not only because it's an obvious sweater, but because it's tie dye too - another trend that made a comeback in 2012! I did go a little silly with tie dye. I hope it is here to stay for 2013 :)
I would love to hear what your top three are for 2012!
I also have a give away coming up shortly so keep watching! :)
All follows will be followed back!
Have a nice day :)


  1. hey there...thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    love love ur blog...such a visual pleasure :)
    n hey defeats are part of life..hope u get back to some awesome awesome posts soon....love
    lets follow each other?? im following u now..

  2. followed u on bloglovin cud not spot ur GFC :)

  3. amazing pics! I would surely like to follow you but i cudnt find the follow button via GFC!

  4. Yes - I completely agree! The UK went CRAZY for studs! Everybody was frantically trying to find cheap ones from eBay to stick anywhere and everywhere! I love your blog by the way:) xx

  5. I just love post <3 Are we following yet? (: We can be fan through lookbook as well, if you want then!


  6. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

  7. This post pretty much sums me up, jumpers, crosses and studs make up my wardrobe! xx

  8. cross is always cool <3
    love your blog


  9. love... love!... LOVE your style! It's such amazing! and love your blog :)

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